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It's been seven hours and thirteen days since you took your love awayadded on 7/15/2022
One of the most important characteristics the Almanac attempts to maintain is objectivity. Something that comes up often in discussion about Dave Matthews Band is ranking things: which songs are best, which shows are best, which tours are best, etc. Clearly, the concept of "best" is an inherently subjective one, but are there any objective ways of ranking tours? From an "on-paper" perspective, there are two variables that tend to come up when people discuss which tours are better than others: song selection and setlist variation. Quality of song selection is obviously not possible to quantify objectively, but it does seem possible to do so with setlist variation. A common observation about the band's setlist variation is that they don't vary their setlists as much as they used to. Is that true? Let's see if we can find out.

Different Songs Played
The easiest way to rank tours against one another is to look at how many different songs were played over the course of each.

Here are the rankings (with total different songs played in parentheses):
1 Summer/Fall 2021 (120)
2 Summer 2015 (116)
3 Summer 2013 (110)
4 Summer 2014 (107)
5 Summer 2012 (99)
*** Summer 2022 (99)
T-6 Summer 2018 (97)
T-6 Summer 2019 (97)
8 Summer 2010 (96)
9 Summer 2016 (88)
T-10 Summer 2008 (78)
T-10 International Summer 2009 (78)
T-12 Summer 2006 (72)
T-12 International Fall 2015 (72)
14 Summer 2007 (71)
15 Summer 2003 (68)
T-16 Spring/Summer 2001 (61)
T-16 Summer 2005 (61)
17 Spring 2002 (57)
T-19 Summer 2000 (56)
T-19 Summer 2002 (56)
T-19 Summer 2004 (56)
T-22 Fall 1998 (50)
T-22 Summer 1999 (50)
24 Summer 1998 (44)
25 Fall 1996 (42)
26 Summer 1995 (41)
27 Spring 1998 (39)
28 Fall 1994 (37)
T-29 Spring 1994 (34)
T-29 Winter 1995 (34)
T-29 Spring 1995 (34)
32 Summer 1997 (33)
33 Winter 1994 (31)

There are some problems with this way of comparing tours, namely that the band's song catalog has grown greatly in the 28 years they have been playing together, so it is not really fair to compare a 1994 tour to a 2015 tour. Another problem is that the band often plays some songs only one or two times on a tour but plays others far more often; this means that a higher number of songs does not necessarily indicate greater setlist variety.

Percentage of Catalog Played
To overcome the size-of-catalog problem, let's rank the tours by the percentage of the then-current catalog that was played on the tour. Here we are excluding defunct songs once their evolved versions debuted, and we're also excluding covers and segues.

Here are the same tours ranked by total percentage of catalog played (with total played/catalog size and percentage in parentheses):

1 Fall 1994 (34/40; 85.0%)
2 Summer 1995 (37/45; 82.2%)
3 Spring 1994 (30/37; 81.1%)
4 Winter 1995 (32/40; 80.0%)
5 Fall 1996 (38/50; 76.0%)
6 Winter 1994 (28/37; 75.7%)
7 Spring 1995 (32/43; 74.4%)
8 Fall 1998 (43/60; 71.7%)
9 Summer 2003 (61/86; 70.9%)
10 Summer 2000 (47/68; 69.1%)
11 Summer 1999 (43/63; 68.3%)
12 Summer 2013 (102/151; 67.5%)
13 Spring/Summer 2001 (54/81; 66.7%)
14 Summer 1998 (38/59; 64.4%)
15 Summer 2010 (88/138; 63.8%)
16 Summer 2015 (97/155; 62.6%)
17 Summer 2014 (94/151; 62.3%)
18 Summer 1997 (31/50; 62.0%)
19 Summer 2012 (91/150; 60.7%)
20 Summer 2006 (68/113; 60.2%)
21 Summer/Fall 2021 (101/170; 59.4%)
22 Summer 2002 (50/86; 58.1%)
T-23 Spring 2002 (48/85; 56.5%)
T-23 Summer 2004 (52/92; 56.5%)
25 Spring 1998 (33/59; 55.9%)
26 Summer 2018 (92/165; 55.8%)
27 Summer 2008 (65/121; 53.7%)
28 Summer 2016 (83/159; 52.2%)
T-29 Summer 2007 (62/119; 52.1%)
T-29 Summer 2019 (86/165; 52.1%)
31 Summer 2005 (55/106; 51.9%)
*** Summer 2022 (88/171; 51.5%)
32 International Summer 2009 (64/136; 47.1%)
33 International Fall 2015 (68/155; 43.9%)

Looking at the tours this way makes it slightly more apples-to-apples when comparing an early tour to a more recent one, but it still doesn't account for the band's tendency to play certain songs far more often than others, thus causing the number-of-songs-played figure to be a bit misleading. Furthermore, it creates a new problem: the band played about 85% of its catalog on the Fall 1994 tour, which required them to play 41 different songs; by comparison, they would have had to have played 145 different songs in 2021 in order to play the same percentage of their catalog. Finally, it's a bit subjective to determine which songs should count as being "in the catalog" at the time: do songs from Some Devil count, even if they've never been played at a DMB show? Does Captain count from 1996 onward, or only from 2000, 2001, or 2002? Which, if any, cover songs count? It's certainly a judgment call.

Average Rarity
Since adjusting for one skewed variable creates another skewed variable, and vice-versa, let's take a different approach. Our website assigns each show a rarity index number, which represents how often the average song in that show's setlist was played on the tour. For example, if a show has a 2.000 rarity, that means that the average song in that show's setlist was played once every two shows on that tour. Averaging all of the rarity index numbers for a given tour provides a rarity value for the entire tour.

Here's what the rankings look like this way (with average rarity in parentheses):
1 Summer/Fall 2021 (3.399)
2 Summer 2013 (3.341)
3 Summer 2015 (3.198)
*** Summer 2022 (3.085)
4 Summer 2012 (3.048)
5 Summer 2014 (2.978)
6 Summer 2019 (2.956)
7 Summer 2016 (2.783)
8 Summer 2018 (2.731)
9 Summer 2003 (2.665)
10 Summer 2010 (2.634)
11 Summer 2006 (2.581)
12 Summer 2008 (2.452)
13 International Fall 2015 (2.253)
14 Summer 2007 (2.234)
15 Summer 2002 (2.213)
16 Summer 2005 (2.204)
17 Summer 2000 (2.190)
18 Summer 1999 (2.147)
19 Spring 2002 (2.101)
20 International Summer 2009 (2.066)
21 Spring/Summer 2001 (2.047)
22 Summer 2004 (1.943)
23 Fall 1998 (1.805)
24 Spring 1994 (1.764)
25 Fall 1994 (1.759)
26 Winter 1995 (1.746)
27 Summer 1998 (1.657)
28 Spring 1995 (1.623)
29 Summer 1995 (1.540)
30 Winter 1994 (1.527)
31 Spring 1998 (1.476)
32 Fall 1996 (1.470)
33 Summer 1997 (1.321)

While the previous two ways of looking at this are flawed-yet-acceptable proxies for setlist variety, this method is a true measurement. The average song on the Summer 1997 tour was played once every 1.321 shows, while the average song on the Summer/Fall 2021 tour was played once every 3.399 shows.

So what's the takeaway here? Are the band's recent setlists as varied as they were in the early days? No, they are in fact much more varied! But these statistics aren't what truly matter for most people—what matters are the actual performance and quality of the songs themselves, and those are impossible to quantify. It's likely that people who complain about a lack of setlist variety are actually referring to their own subjective perspective on setlist quality.

Stray Observations
Please note that the data above feature only tours with 20 or more shows whose setlists are known. Short tours over- or underinflate certain statistics, so we have chosen to ignore those tours. Additionally, some of the data above has been adjusted to account for unknown setlists.

We often see people misinterpreting our site's rarity index numbers and rankings as a quantitative assessment of how good a show was. Just because a show has the highest rarity index number for its tour does not necessarily mean it was the best show of the tour. That's for you to decide. It just means that the songs at that show weren't played as often as the songs at other shows.

The most recent major tour whose average rarity index value is less than 2 is Summer 2004 (1.943), when Crazy Easy, Hello Again, Joyride, and Sugar Will were all played at nearly every show. Summer 1997 has one of the lowest average rarity index values of all time (1.321), due mostly to nearly every encore being identical. Many people consider these two tours among the best the band has done, which is good evidence that rarity (and, by extension, variety) isn't everything.

The single rarest show of all time (again, from tours with 20+ known setlists) is 9.1.13, with a rarity index of 5.025. Remember, though, that a show's rarity index number is only good for comparing a show to others from the same tour. We made a big deal about the rarity index value for 9.8.02 back when that show became the rarest of all time; its score is a meager 3.825!
Oh, dear Dad, can you see me now?added on 11/12/2021
This site has long had a way of seeing which shows and songs have been officially released via the little spinning CD icon; however, if you wanted to know what specific performances were included on a given compilation such as DMB Live 25, you were in for a scavenger hunt. While the DMB community has had several discography websites over the years, none of them have remained active, and we saw a great opportunity to adapt our established setlist format for releases' tracklists. We created the foundation for this discography several years ago, but it lay dormant until about a month ago. We are very excited that it is now live!

On the main discography page, releases are organized into various categories and are listed chronologically within each. When you click on a release, you will currently see the title, release date, tracklist, release notes, and cover art. The times listed on this page are track times, not song times, and when a single track contains multiple songs (indicated by the lack of a track number), we have split out the track time accordingly. If a release has any live performances, the performance date is listed in yellow in the Notes column, and if the song was played in the opener, closer, or encore slot, its track number will be highlighted in teal, blue, or red, just like on show pages. Clicking a song title will take you to that song's list of live releases, and clicking on a song's performance date will take you to that show's page.

We have also updated show pages to remove "selected for release on..." notes from individual songs. Instead, the spinning CD icon itself will continue to indicate that a specific performance has been officially released, and clicking on that icon will display the release's title, which you can click to go to the release's page.

The discography is very much still a work in progress, and we have several enhancements planned for the future. We will continue uploading cover art for releases, and we plan to have full liner notes available (i.e., not just the covers). Currently, there is only one entry per release, and when there are different versions of an album, we are including all of the tracks on this overall release view; however, we intend to integrate different release versions (e.g., vinyl, deluxe, European) in the future as well.

While we have included all of the band's major releases as well as many compilations that have featured their songs, we are certain that we do not have a 100% complete catalog. If you have anything in your collection that isn't currently on our site, or if you can help fill in some missing information about a release (e.g., track time, performance date), please send us as much information about it as possible using the Submit link at the top of the site. We have decided not to include the various "radio specials" that have been syndicated over the years as they are not truly "releases." Nearly everything else is fair game, though, so please let us know if we're missing anything!
This is not the greatest song in the worldadded on 8/24/2021
With today’s passing of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and DMB’s subsequent performance of (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, we have updated our list of tribute covers the band (or Dave solo) has played when beloved musicians have died:

DateCover SongTribute to...
8.11.95Eyes of the WorldJerry Garcia (8.1.42–8.9.95)
9.13.03Ring of FireJohnny Cash (2.26.32–9.12.03)
8.7.04Super FreakRick James (2.1.48–8.6.04)
6.26.09I'll Be ThereMichael Jackson (8.29.58–6.25.09)
6.13.12Brass MonkeyMCA (8.5.64–5.4.12)
5.7.16Sexy M.F.Prince (6.7.58–4.21.16)
5.31.17MelissaGregg Allman (12.8.47–5.27.17)
10.2.17Runnin' Down a DreamTom Petty (10.20.50–10.2.17)
7.5.19Right Place, Wrong TimeDr. John (11.20.41–6.6.19)
4.9.20Speed of the Sound of LonelinessJohn Prine (10.10.46–4.7.20)
8.24.21(I Can’t Get No) SatisfactionCharlie Watts (6.2.41–8.24.21)
If you said goodbye to me tonight, there would still be music left to writeadded on 8/9/2021
The band has been taking the stage about 30 minutes earlier than normal this year, and while most shows haven't quite been pushing the usual 11:00 curfew, the shows (as we track them, by total song time) have still been longer than usual eight shows into the tour. After incoming storms forced the band to leave stage early on Friday night in Chicago, they played an especially long set for the same crowd on Saturday night. Here's a look at all of the shows the band has ever played that had at least two hours and 45 minutes of total song time (to our knowledge).

Not surprisingly, 2015 is dominant on this list due to the two-set format the band used that year; 2014, the other recent year in which they played two sets, is not nearly as represented, though.

Interestingly, there are no shows from earlier than 2006 on this list. The 3.6.93 show from Washington & Lee's Kappa Delta chapter clocks in at 2:41:34, and since it's unknown whether the setlist we have is complete, it's possible that it broke the 2:45 barrier as well.

#DateSong TimeVenueCity, State
17.25.153:05:25Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
27.7.123:02:45Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
311.20.103:01:29John Paul Jones ArenaCharlottesville, VA
47.26.153:00:39Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
59.4.162:57:33The Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WA
67.4.152:56:53Saratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NY
76.26.152:56:35Susquehanna Bank CenterCamden, NJ
87.5.092:54:16Piazza NapoleoneLucca, LU, ITA
99.30.082:53:35Vivo RioRio de Janeiro, RJ, BRA
105.21.142:53:12Bank of Oklahoma CenterTulsa, OK
118.9.082:52:59Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
126.28.142:52:58First Niagara PavilionBurgettstown, PA
136.3.152:50:23Tuscaloosa AmphitheaterTuscaloosa, AL
147.14.102:50:00Toyota Pavilion at Montage MountainScranton, PA
158.7.212:49:46Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly IslandChicago, IL
167.1.152:49:28Xcel Energy CenterSaint Paul, MN
176.12.152:49:20Xfinity TheatreHartford, CT
187.3.152:49:04Saratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NY
197.6.122:48:55Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
207.15.152:48:52Hollywood Casino AmphitheatreMaryland Heights, MO
216.9.152:48:42Nikon at Jones Beach TheaterWantagh, NY
227.12.142:48:29Xfinity TheatreHartford, CT
237.19.092:47:06Alpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WI
247.13.122:46:59First Niagara PavilionBurgettstown, PA
259.1.122:46:56The Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WA
269.6.152:46:15The Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WA
279.18.112:45:53Randall’s Island ParkNew York, NY
286.5.152:45:43Riverbend Music CenterCincinnati, OH
299.23.062:45:23John Paul Jones ArenaCharlottesville, VA
309.12.152:45:00Irvine Meadows AmphitheatreIrvine, CA

Sirius Streamsadded on 7/13/2021
Here are all of the shows that have been broadcast on SiriusXM in their entirety. We are listing them in the order of their first airing and omitting encore airings from the table. We are defining the stream types like this:

Live Concert Stream - When the channel has been active and has been playing on a Friday night, Sirius has generally live-streamed the full show.

Archive Stream - This category covers all shows that have aired that were not officially released at the time of their airing, and were not streamed live. This category includes all concerts no matter how recently it occurred.

Sirius Exclusive Stream - While almost all of these non-released shows are Sirius exclusives, this category is reserved for shows that were performed specifically for Sirius. Note that The Warehouse Session falls into this category because while it was on the Warehouse fan site, it was exclusive to Sirius at the time. It is being released in 2021's Warehouse Membership package, but was unreleased at the time of airing.

Released Stream - These are concerts that have been officially released at the time of their airing on Sirius.

#DateShow TypeVenueCity, StateStream TypeNotes
17.6.18DMBRuoff Home Mortgage Music CenterNoblesville, INLive Concertaired 7.6.18
27.13.18DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYLive Concertaired 7.13.18
37.20.18DMBCoastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut CreekRaleigh, NCLive Concertaired 7.20.18
47.27.18DMBCoral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida FairgroundsWest Palm Beach, FLLive Concertaired 7.27.18
57.28.18DMBCoral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida FairgroundsWest Palm Beach, FLArchiveaired 8.3.18
66.2.18DMBBlossom Music CenterCuyahoga Falls, OHArchiveaired 8.10.18
77.29.18DMBThe Wharf AmphitheaterOrange Beach, ALArchiveaired 8.17.18
88.24.18DMBFiddler's Green AmphitheatreGreenwood Village, COLive Concertaired 8.24.18
98.31.18DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WALive Concertaired 8.31.18
103.8.19DMBMitsubishi Electric HalleDusseldorf, DEUArchiveaired 5.24.19
113.15.19DMBAFAS LiveAmsterdam, NLDArchiveaired 5.31.19
125.7.19DMBOak Mountain AmphitheatrePelham, ALArchiveaired 6.7.19
136.14.19DMBBB&T PavilionCamden, NJLive Concertaired 6.14.19
146.21.19DMBXfinity CenterMansfield, MALive Concertaired 6.21.19
156.28.19DMBRuoff Home Mortgage Music CenterNoblesville, INLive Concertaired 6.28.19
167.5.19DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WILive Concertaired 7.5.19
177.12.19DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYLive Concertaired 7.12.19
187.19.19DMBPNC Music Pavilion CharlotteCharlotte, NCLive Concertaired 7.19.19
197.26.19DMBCoral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida FairgroundsWest Palm Beach, FLLive Concertaired 7.26.19
205.17.19DMBThe Cynthia Woods Mitchell PavilionThe Woodlands, TXArchiveaired 8.2.19
216.19.19DMBBethel Woods Center for the ArtsBethel, NYArchiveaired 8.9.19
225.14.19DMBWells Fargo ArenaDes Moines, IAArchiveaired 8.16.19
238.23.19DMBFiddler's Green AmphitheatreGreenwood Village, COLive Concertaired 8.23.19
248.30.19DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WALive Concertaired 8.30.19
259.6.19DMBHarveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor ArenaStateline, NVLive Concertaired 9.6.19
269.11.19Dave soloSiriusXM StudiosHollywood, CASirius Exclusiveaired 9.12.19 * - "The Garage"
279.21.19Dave & TimAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WILive Concertaired 9.21.19 * - Farm Aid '19
286.22.19DMBXfinity TheatreHartford, CTArchiveaired 9.27.99
297.9.19DMBDTE Energy Music TheatreClarkston, MIArchiveaired 10.4.19
309.10.19DMBChase CenterSan Francisco, CAArchiveaired 10.11.19
313.26.20 ^Dave soloMatthews residenceSeattle, WAArchiveaired 4.3.20 - "Pay It Forward"
3212.2.18DMBMohegan Sun ArenaUncasville, CTArchiveaired 4.10.20
336.29.19DMBRuoff Home Mortgage Music CenterNoblesville, INArchiveaired 5.8.20
347.23.19DMBAmeris Bank AmphitheatreAlpharetta, GAArchiveaired 5.22.20
355.30.18DMBWalmart Arkansas Music PavilionRogers, ARArchiveaired 6.5.20 - previously uncirculated show
369.13.19DMBAk-Chin PavilionPhoenix, AZArchiveaired 6.12.20
372.15.20Dave & TimMoon Palace Golf & Spa ResortCancun, ROOArchiveaired 6.19.20 - previously uncirculated show
384.22.07Dave & TimRadio City Music HallNew York City, NYReleasedaired 6.26.20 - Live at Radio City
397.3.20 ^Dave soloMatthews residenceSeattle, WASirius Exclusiveaired 7.3.20 - "Live From Home: By Request"
401.31.95DMBLupo's Heartbreak HotelProvidence, RIReleasedaired 7.10.20 - Live Trax v33
417.2.19DMBRiverbend Music CenterCincinnati, OHArchiveaired 7.17.20
4212.14.18DMBJohn Paul Jones ArenaCharlottesville, VAReleasedaired 7.24.20 - release for 2019 ticket holders
432.16.96Dave & TimPepin GymnasiumMiddlesbury, VTArchiveaired 7.31.20
447.27.04DMBHiFi Buys AmphitheatreAtlanta, GAReleasedaired 8.7.20 - Live Trax v43
459.11.99DMBContinental Airlines ArenaEast Rutherford, NJReleasedaired 8.14.20 - Listener Supported
468.19.08DMBStaples CenterLos Angeles, CAArchiveaired 8.21.20
476.26.00DMBRiverbend Music CenterCincinnati, OHReleasedaired 8.28.20 - Live Trax v16
489.7.02DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAReleasedaired 9.5.20 * - The Gorge
499.4.16DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAReleasedaired 9.5.20 * - Live Trax v44
509.8.02DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAReleasedaired 9.6.20 * - The Gorge
519.6.02DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAReleasedaired 9.6.20 * - The Gorge
527.20.08DMBDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce City, COReleasedaired 9.11.20 - Live at Mile High Music Festival
535.31.17Dave & TimVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore ParkAlpharetta, GAArchiveaired 9.18.20
548.19.93DMBWetlands PreserveNew York City, NYReleasedaired 9.25.20 - Live Trax v20
5510.2.20 ^Dave soloHaunted Hollow Recording Studio Charlottesville, VASirius Exclusiveaired 10.2.20 - "Live From Home: By Request"
5612.8.98DMBWorcester's Centrum CentreWorcester, MAReleasedaired 10.16.20 - Live Trax v01
578.27.00DMBMeadows Music TheatreHartford, CTReleasedaired 10.23.20 - Live Trax v03
5810.31.98DMBThe Arena in OaklandOakland, CAReleasedaired 10.30.20 - Live Trax v39
5910.24.02Dave soloBenaroya HallSeattle, WAReleasedaired 11.6.20 - DMBLive
6012.8.18DMBCentre BellMontreal, QCArchiveaired 11.13.20
6112.19.98DMBUnited CenterChicago, ILReleasedaired 11.20.20 - Live in Chicago 12.19.98 at the United Center
6212.21.02DMBMadison Square GardenNew York City, NYReleasedaired 11.27.20 - Live Trax v40
6311.19.20 ^Dave & CarterHaunted Hollow Recording Studio Charlottesville, VASirius Exclusiveaired 12.4.20 - "The Warehouse Session"
648.7.04DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WIReleasedaired 12.11.20 - Live Trax v08
659.30.08DMBVivo RioRio de Janeiro, RJReleasedaired 12.18.20 - Live Trax v19
6612.31.96DMBHampton ColiseumHampton, VAReleasedaired 1.1.21 - Live Trax v07
679.12.04DMBGolden Gate Equestrian StadiumSan Francisco, CAReleasedaired 1.8.21 - Live Trax v02
686.8.96DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYReleasedaired 1.15.21 - Live Trax v38
6912.27.96DMBNorth Charleston ColiseumNorth Charleston, SCArchiveaired 1.22.21 - previously uncirculated show
7011.2.98DMBBoise State University PavilionBoise, IDReleasedaired 1.29.21 - Live Trax v53
717.7.06DMBFenway ParkBoston, MAReleasedaired 2.12.21 - Live Trax v06
727.2.04DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYArchiveaired 2.19.21
734.30.96DMBClassic AmphitheaterHenrico, VAReleasedaired 2.26.21 - Live Trax v04
747.5.03DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WIArchiveaired 3.19.21
759.18.10DMBWrigley FieldChicago, ILReleasedaired 3.26.21 - Live at Wrigley Field
765.25.07DMBPavilhão AtlânticoLisbon, PRTReleasedaired 4.9.21 - Live Trax v10
774.16.21Dave soloMatthews residenceSeattle, WASirius Exclusiveaired 4.16.21 - "Live From Home: By Request"
789.14.07DMBSound Advice AmphitheatreWest Palm Beach, FLReleasedaired 4.23.21 - Live Trax v42
794.28.09DMBVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore ParkAlpharetta, GAArchiveaired 5.21.21
806.23.01DMBTweeter Center at the WaterfrontCamden, NJReleasedaired 5.28.21 - Live Trax v31
816.24.06DMBHersheypark StadiumHershey, PAArchiveaired 6.18.21

^ - date is the airing date, as recording date is unknown
* - non-Friday night SiriusXM airings
Four new shows kick off the 2021 live release listadded on 1/31/2021 have added four previously unreleased DMB concerts to their catalog. There was no announcement sent out from either DMB management or Nugs (as far as we can tell), and it comes at the same time as them expanding the availability of the Live Trax series - now up through Volume 50 (however the service is missing night 2 of Live Trax v09 3.23.07). They have also added all 30 volumes of the (likely) concluded DMBlive series. It's notable because this is the first time anything from DMBlive series has been available for digital streaming.

This seems to expand the relationship between DMB and, which began in 2019 with the addition of the first 20 volumes of the Live Trax series, and Nugs hosting Warehouse Fan Club exclusive downloads for Charlottesville and Charlotte 2018 concerts.

The four concerts are all from the 2019 Summer Tour: 5.14.19 from Des Moines, 6.22.19 from Hartford, 6.29.19 from Noblesville, and 7.27.19 from West Palm Beach. They have also been a part of both SiriusXM's Friday Night Concert Series and 2020 DMB Drive-In video stream series. The audio from the concerts appears to be straight from the source, as opposed to some of the individual track normalization, intros and closing remarks that are added by SiriusXM before airing. While this could be a sign of more SiriusXM exclusive concert streams being made available, it's more likely that the Drive-In streams are the indicator of what might come next. Most of the Drive-Ins were taken already released (and mixed) audio concerts, but the two 2019 shows that were aired, but not yet on Nugs are 6.14.19 from Camden and 7.9.19 from Clarkston. We can also probably assume that when the Warehouse distributes the annual fan club release (the Dave & Carter studio session that was previously available as a video stream to Warehouse members and subsequently aired on SiriusXM), that it will be via Nugs download.

Here is an update of our table of full shows that have been released:

#DateShow TypeVenueCity, StateRelease TypeRelease Date
18.15.95DMBRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COstandard10.28.97
22.6.96Dave & TimCFL Auditorium (Luther College)Decorah, IAstandard1.19.99
39.11.99DMBContinental Airlines ArenaEast Rutherford, NJstandard11.23.99
412.19.98DMBUnited CenterChicago, ILstandard10.23.01
57.11.01DMBFolsom Field (UC-Boulder)Boulder, COstandard11.5.02
69.24.03DMBCentral ParkNew York, NYstandard11.18.03
76.11.04Dave & FriendsBonnaroo Music FestivalManchester, TNdownload6.12.04
89.6.02DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAstandard6.29.04
1112.8.98DMBWorcester CentrumWorcester, MALive Trax 111.2.04
129.12.04DMBGolden Gate ParkSan Francisco, CALive Trax 212.17.04
138.27.00DMBMeadows Music TheatreHartford, CTLive Trax 33.17.05
144.30.96DMBClassic AmphitheaterRichmond, VALive Trax 49.2.05
159.9.05DMBRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COstandard11.29.05
198.23.95DMBBaldwin Memorial Pavilion (Oakland University)Rochester Hills, MILive Trax 55.26.06
207.7.06DMBFenway ParkBoston, MALive Trax 69.26.06
2212.31.96DMBHampton ColiseumHampton, VALive Trax 712.12.06
238.7.04DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreEast Troy, WILive Trax 83.20.07
243.23.07DMBMGM GrandLas Vegas, NVLive Trax 96.5.07
264.22.07Dave & TimRadio City Music HallNew York, NYstandard8.14.07
279.8.07DMBPiedmont ParkAtlanta, GAstandard12.11.07
285.25.07DMBAtlantic PavilionLisbon, PORLive Trax 1011.6.07
298.29.00DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYLive Trax 113.25.08
305.5.95DMBL.B. Day AmphitheaterSalem, ORLive Trax 127.8.08
316.7.08DMBBusch StadiumSt. Louis, MOLive Trax 1310.14.08
327.20.08DMBDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce City, COstandard12.16.08
334.22.93Dave & TimPrism CoffeehouseCharlottesville, VADMBlive 112.19.08
344.26.94DMBTown Point ParkNorfolk, VADMBlive 212.19.08
3510.22.94DMBBlue NoteColumbia, MODMBlive 312.19.08
3610.24.02Dave soloBenaroya HallSeattle, WADMBlive 412.19.08
373.29.03Dave & TimHolmes Convocation Center (Appalachian State)Boone, NCDMBlive 512.19.08
381.9.04Dave soloChina ClubNew York, NYDMBlive 612.23.08
396.28.08DMBNissan PavilionBristow, VALive Trax 143.24.09
408.9.08DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreEast Troy, WILive Trax 156.2.09
413.26.94DMBIrving PlazaNew York, NYDMBlive 77.22.09
426.26.00DMBRiverbend Music CenterCincinnati, OHLive Trax 169.15.09
434.10.93DMBThe BayouWashington, DCDMBlive 89.16.09
445.10.95DMBWarfield TheatreSan Francisco, CADMBlive 99.16.09
451.27.93DMBThe Flood ZoneRichmond, VADMBlive 1011.30.09
466.26.09DMBBrixton AcademyLondon, ENGstandard (DVD)12.22.09
477.5.09DMBPiazza NapoleoneLucca, ITAstandard
4812.12.09Dave & TimPlanet Hollywood TheaterLas Vegas, NVstandard2.9.10
4910.24.96DMBFrank Erwin CenterAustin, TXDMBlive 112.25.10
507.6.97DMBShoreline AmphitheatreMountain View, CALive Trax 175.4.10
5112.21.92DMBThe BayouWashington, DCDMBlive 126.8.10
526.4.96DMBGTE Virginia Beach AmphitheaterVirginia Beach, VALive Trax 188.31.10
532.25.95DMBKirby Fieldhouse (Lafayette College)Easton, PADMBlive 139.14.10
549.30.08DMBVivo RioRio de Janeiro, BRALive Trax 1911.9.10
557.17.10DMBCiti FieldFlushing, NYstandard11.9.10
5611.26.94DMBBackstage TheatreSeattle, WADMBlive 141.19.11
578.19.93DMBWetlands PreserveNew York, NYLive Trax 205.15.11
589.17.10DMBWrigley FieldChicago, ILstandard5.31.11
607.20.95DMBMud Island River Park AmphitheatreMemphis, TNDMBlive 159.29.11
619.9.96DMBOak Mountain AmphitheatrePelham, ALDMBlive 169.29.11
626.26.11DMBBader FieldAtlantic City, NJstandard12.16.11
638.4.95DMBSOMASan Diego, CALive Trax 212.28.12
646.13.93Dave & TimMemphisRichmond, VADMBlive 173.15.12
657.14.10DMBToyota Pavilion at Montage MountainScranton, PALive Trax 226.12.12
663.2.94DMBMasquerade NightclubTampa, FLDMBlive 186.20.12
672.19.96Dave & TimWhittemore Center Arena (UNH)Durham, NHLive Trax 2312.11.12
682.8.97Dave & TimSpartanburg Memorial AuditoriumSpartanburg, SCLive Trax 2412.11.12
694.7.95DMBCameron Indoor Stadium (Duke)Durham, NCDMBlive 195.1.13
705.30.06DMBUMB Bank PavilionMaryland Heights, MOLive Trax 255.21.13
713.25.95DMBThe Revolver ClubMadrid, ESPDMBlive 205.29.13
727.30.03DMBSleep Train AmphitheatreWheatland, CALive Trax 268.6.13
732.8.95DMBPalace TheatreAlbany, NYDMBlive 218.15.13
7410.14.10DMBLuna ParkBuenos Aires, ARGLive Trax 2711.12.13
7511.19.10DMBJohn Paul Jones Arena (UVa)Charlottesville, VALive Trax 2812.17.13
763.3.99Dave & TimKingsbury Hall (U of U)Salt Lake City, UTDMBlive 221.14.14
776.1.13DMBBlossom Music CenterCuyahoga Falls, OHLive Trax 294.15.14
787.28.92DMBTraxCharlottesville, VADMBlive 236.12.14
796.30.00DMBSoldier FieldChicago, ILdownload2014*
806.23.01DMBTweeter CenterCamden, NJLive Trax 319.16.14
818.23.14DMBGreek TheatreBerkeley, CALive Trax 3212.9.14
824.5.95DMBThe AcademyNew York, NYDMBlive 243.25.15
831.31.95DMBLupo's Heartbreak HotelProvidence, RILive Trax 335.5.15
846.24.99DMBDeer Creek Music CenterNoblesville, INLive Trax 347.17.15
8510.14.94DMBGeorgia TheatreAthens, GADMBlive 259.3.15
866.20.09DMBPost-Gazette PavilionBurgettstown, PALive Trax 3510.16.15
8711.30.98DMBFirst Union CenterPhiladelphia, PADMBlive 2612.9.15
887.26.15DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WILive Trax 3612.11.15
892.22.94DMBTraxCharlottesville, VADMBlive 273.3.16
9011.11.92DMBTraxCharlottesville, VALive Trax 374.15.16
916.8.96DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYLive Trax 387.15.16
924.14.96Dave soloSweet Briar CollegeSweet Briar, VAstandard8.19.16
934.6.94DMBGeorgia TheatreAthens, GADMBlive 2810.17.16
9410.31.98DMBThe Arena in OaklandOakland, CALive Trax 3911.4.16
9512.21.02DMBMadison Square GardenNew York, NYLive Trax 4012.9.16
9610.3.96DMBMadison Square GardenNew York, NYDMBlive 2912.16.16
973.13.99Dave & TimBerkeley Community TheaterBerkeley, CALive Trax 415.12.17
989.14.07DMBSound Advice AmphitheatreWest Palm Beach, FLLive Trax 427.21.17
997.9.95DMBLac de MalsaucyBelfort, FRADMBlive 308.2.17
1007.27.04DMBHiFi Buys AmphitheatreAtlanta, GALive Trax 439.22.17
1019.4.16DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WALive Trax 4412.8.17
1026.29.13DMBSusquehanna Bank CenterCamden, NJLive Trax 458.10.18
1037.7.18DMBRuoff Home Mortgage Music CenterNoblesville, INLive Trax 4612.7.18
1046.8.97DMBMeadows Music TheatreHartford, CTLive Trax 473.29.19
10512.14.18DMBJohn Paul Jones ArenaCharlottesville, VAdownload4.12.19
1067.24.18DMBPNC Music PavilionCharlotte, NCdownload6.6.19
1078.25.94Dave & TimThe BirchmereAlexandria, VALive Trax 489.13.19
1086.18.19Dave & TimCMAC PavilionCanandaigua, NYLive Trax 499.13.19
1099.10.18DMBHollywood BowlHollywood, CAstandard12.6.19
1107.10.04DMBHersheypark StadiumHershey, PALive Trax 5012.20.19
1118.10.07DMBPost-Gazette PavilionBurgettstown, PALive Trax 515.8.20
1126.6.14DMBDarling's Waterfront PavilionBangor, MELive Trax 527.31.20
11311.2.98DMBBSU PavilionBoise, IDLive Trax 5310.9.20
11411.9.96DMBCow PalaceDaly City, CALive Trax 5412.11.20
1155.14.19DMBWells Fargo ArenaDes Moines,^2021*
1166.22.19DMBXfinity TheatreHartford,^2021*
1176.29.19DMBRuoff Home Mortgage Music CenterNoblesville,^2021*
1187.27.19DMBCoral Sky AmphitheatreWest Palm Beach,^2021*

* - These shows were released sometime in the respective years, but weren't released with announcement. We aren't currently able to pinpoint an exact release date.
^ - As of January 31, 2021, the shows are only available to stream, and not for purchase.
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