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Live Setlist
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Submission Descriptions and Rules
Setlist Scans
After every show, the crew gives away a printed copy of the planned setlist for the night's show and they reveal which songs on the setlist were planned and which songs were added in on the fly by the band. Usually, fans make scans of the prints and send them to us to post along with each show. We consider setlist scans extremely important so if you have a setlist scan that you would like to contribute, please submit it using the form.
Alternate Lyrics
Dave sometimes uses inspiration he receives from the show to improvise lyrics. Some songs are almost entirely improvised, while other songs receive slight changes in the lyrics. For example, the vocal intros to Two Step are always alternating lyrics. If you like to transcribe alternate lyrics from your favorite versions, we welcome their submissions with great appreciation.
While we take pride in the accuracy of our data, we acknowledge that not every source is 100% reliable, and so there may be errors in our information. Error corrections are perhaps the most important contributions and we welcome anyone who knows, or even thinks, there might be an error in our facts and information.
Promotional or commemorative posters
Ticket Stubs
Scans or images of tickets to the show. We prefer Warehouse tickets to non-WH ones, and we prefer scans to photographs. We will remove barcodes, especially for future shows.
Missing Setlists
Some old shows are missing setlists. If you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you know the correct (or even partial) setlist to a show we list that is missing a setlist, we welcome the information and thoughts.
Almost every show is usually preceeded by the band performing a soundcheck either the day before the show or in the late afternoon. Soundchecks contain valuable information about what songs the band is practicing or even in the process of writing. They can usually be heard or recorded from outside the venue. They are considered very valuable, especially if they can be verified.
Song Information
No two song versions are always exactly the same. Song versions may contain alternate lyrics, band errors, change-ups, interpolations, intros, outros, or even unusual humorous events. These details are what make every song played at every show unique and are very welcome contributions from fans who like to know details and special occurences in every song played. For interpolations, it helps IMMENSELY if you include the approximate track time so we can quickly confirm it.
House Music
"House Music" is defined as music that can be heard inside the venue either before or after the show. Any details, whether it be artist, song name, or music type, is a welcome contribution.
Show Information
There are always unique circumstances or events that happen before, during, or after the show. Such details that make a show unique or noteworthy are welcome contributions.
Guest Information
If you believe you know interesting information about a band guest or their history with the band, you may submit the information and it will be included in our guest history.
Song Times
Please be aware if you decide to contribute song times, the time must be from the exact start of the song to the exact end of the song with no extra in-between-song time or davespeak time included. We also do timing for segues such as WWBOM or ASTB separately.
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