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Good Good Time (Main Song Page)
7/14/2004 alternate lyrics

Found out today
that a good friend of mine,
haven't seen for a while,
lost his way
and can't find his way home,
then starts.

Always reeling.
Always worried.

What will we do?

While you got your feet here
brothers and sisters,
know you do.

Don't throw away,
don't fill your head with
foolish things
and foolish hate.

Cause the only thing that really matters
is love, love in the end.

Without love
this troubled world...
but more sisters and brothers than you could know
are standing on the other side of the world
wishing they could come on to.

So let's have a good good time tonight.
Roll up if you groove it.
And know that there's more of us than them
that think, that's what I think too.

I think there's just
too little too wake up
because all we're needing is,
if we just hold each other
and say what you think
you'll get your way now.

Cause it's a good good time tonight.
That's what we have here.
So forget your differences,
leave your troubles out there, somewhere.

Come in now,
and roll up, ah
get this bottle with me yall.
so just shake your, shake your, shake your heads,,
have a good time,
and to me, it's a good good time tonight.
Yeah, indeed it is.

Oh, maybe your innocent,
but, read the newspaper,
see the tv,
hear that song today.
It's enough shit to fill your head
and make you not want to leave the chair in your house any day.

But aww,
sometimes you find the courage to go out,
let the sun shine on your face.
And realize that just,
most of us just tryin' to get by in the human race.

She said,
I believe, I believe.
Don't believe everything you ever hear.
I tell you.
Just think of all of us standing here,
and the good times we've had.

It's a good, good, good time tonight.
Don't let it slide.
It's more important than anything else,
to have a good time in your life.
Come out, yeah.

Good, good time tonight.

Why don't you make your way to the bottom of this bottle with me.
We can talk about old times,
and new ones we plan on makin'.

Shit, remember where you got to go.
Call in sick just one night,
tell them you've got the flu.

Come sit here.
Let's have a good, good time tonight.
Oh-oh, yes indeed.
Have a good, good time tonight.
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