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Jefferson Theater
Charlottesville, VA

Seating Capacity: 0
Venue Type : Auditorium

Total Gigs: 4
  Dave solo  (3)
  Dave & Tim  (1)

Longest Performance:
08.20.11 - Weight, The (9:49)
In 1901 the newly-chartered Jefferson National Bank constructed its first building at this site on land recently purchased by C.J. Rixey, one of the bank's founding directors. Constructed of grey, rusticated brick, the Jefferson National Bank was a two-story, Greek Revival structure with five ionic columns of matching brick and terra cotta trim. Two large Romanesque arches provided revolving door access to the lobby and banking rooms. W.T. Vandegrift of Charlottesville was the architect. In 1912, the bank decided to move its headquarters down the street. Kendler-Zimmerman Co. (later Jefferson-Lafayette Theaters, Inc.) purchased the building at auction, extensively remodeled the interior, and built the enormous theater stretching all the way back to Water Street.

The Jefferson changed its name to Cinema Theater in 1969 and to The Movie Palace in the 1980s. It reverted to its original name in 1993. Throughout this time, the theater primarily showed movies (second-runs only since the 80s) and had live shows only occasionally.

In the Spring of 1998, DMB returned to the Jefferson Theater for a photo shoot for the sleeve of Before These Crowded Streets.

The theater closed in 2006, was renovated, and reopened in 2009 as a full-time concert venue.
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[Unknown Song]    [Unknown Song]
All Along the Watchtower    All Along the Watchtower
Angel from Montgomery1   Angel from Montgomery
Ants Marching1   Ants Marching
Bartender   1Bartender
Billie Jean    Billie Jean
Chatterbox1   Chatterbox
Christmas Song1   Christmas Song
Crash into Me T  Crash into Me
Dancing Nancies1   Dancing Nancies
Devil Woman    Devil Woman
Dream Captain    Dream Captain
Gravedigger   1Gravedigger
Help Myself1   Help Myself
I Wanna Be Your Lover    I Wanna Be Your Lover
I'll Back You Up1   I'll Back You Up
Is Anybody Here?1   Is Anybody Here?
Let Me Be Your God    Let Me Be Your God
Lie in Our Graves1   Lie in Our Graves
Minarets1   Minarets
Monster's Lullaby    Monster's Lullaby
Ocean and the Butterfly, The   1Ocean and the Butterfly, The
Oh   1Oh
One Sweet World1   One Sweet World
Pay for What You Get1   Pay for What You Get
Recently1   Recently
Satellite1   Satellite
Save Me   1Save Me
Say Goodbye1   Say Goodbye
Singing from the Windows  12Singing from the Windows
So Damn Lucky  1 So Damn Lucky
So Much to Say1   So Much to Say
Some Devil   1Some Devil
Stream1   Stream
Tripping Billies1   Tripping Billies
Typical Situation1   Typical Situation
Warehouse1   Warehouse
Wayfarer, The1   Wayfarer, The
Weight, The    Weight, The
You Are My Sanity1   You Are My Sanity
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