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Live Setlist
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 5/13/2015 Snow Outside Two Step #41 Grey Street Granny Rapunzel  
 5/15/2015 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) Too Much Minarets Warehouse Best of What's Around, The Grey Street  
 5/16/2015 Beach Ball Everyday Warehouse Rapunzel Sister Ants Marching Halloween 
 5/19/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow What Would You Say Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) All Along the Watchtower   
 5/20/2015 Little Red Bird Ants Marching Minarets Sledgehammer Sister Grey Street  
 5/22/2015 Little Red Bird Tripping Billies #41 Stay (Wasting Time) Granny What Would You Say  
 5/23/2015 Oh What Would You Say Big Eyed Fish Granny Ants Marching Halloween  
 5/30/2015 Oh Belly Belly Nice Minarets Warehouse Sister Two Step  
 6/2/2015 Little Red Bird Gulf Coast Highway Big Eyed Fish Too Much Sister Ants Marching  
 6/3/2015 Beach Ball My Antonia Dancing Nancies Rapunzel Best of What's Around, The All Along the Watchtower  
 6/5/2015 Little Red Bird You & Me Minarets Jimi Thing Granny Ants Marching Halloween 
 6/6/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow Tripping Billies #41 Shake Me Like a Monkey Best of What's Around, The Rapunzel  
 6/9/2015 Little Red Bird Sister #41 Grey Street Space Between, The Minarets Halloween 
 6/10/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow Typical Situation Don't Drink the Water Ants Marching Tripping Billies   
 6/12/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow I'll Back You Up #41 Warehouse Sister You Might Die Trying  
 6/13/2015 Little Red Bird What Would You Say Minarets Grey Street Smooth Rider Two Step  
 6/26/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow What Would You Say Minarets Granny You Might Die Trying   
 6/27/2015 Rye Whiskey Stay or Leave Don't Drink the Water Stay (Wasting Time) Space Between, The Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 6/30/2015 Rye Whiskey Belly Belly Nice Minarets Grey Street Space Between, The Ants Marching  
 7/1/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A Grace Is Gone Seek Up You Might Die Trying Sister Belly Belly Nice  
 7/3/2015 Rye Whiskey Ants Marching Save Me Grey Street Virginia in the Rain You Might Die Trying  
 7/4/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A Grace Is Gone Minarets Crush Why I Am Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)  Halloween
 7/7/2015 Rye Whiskey Recently Minarets Jimi Thing Virginia in the Rain Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 7/8/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow Tripping Billies Granny Shake Me Like a Monkey Space Between, The All Along the Watchtower  
 7/10/2015 Rye Whiskey Ants Marching You Might Die Trying Crush Best of What's Around, The All Along the Watchtower  
 7/11/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A Tripping Billies Stay (Wasting Time) Too Much Virginia in the Rain Rapunzel  
 7/14/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A Funny the Way It Is Save Me Ants Marching Space Between, The Pig  
 7/15/2015 Beach Ball Tripping Billies Don't Drink the Water Jimi Thing All Along the Watchtower   
 7/17/2015 Let You Down Stay or Leave Minarets Too Much Best of What's Around, The Pig  
 7/18/2015 Rye Whiskey What Would You Say Stay (Wasting Time) Jimi Thing So Much to Say Halloween  
 7/21/2015 Little Red Bird Song That Jane Likes, The Minarets Grey Street Ants Marching   
 7/22/2015 Take Me to Tomorrow What Would You Say Save Me Crush Space Between, The Shake Me Like a Monkey  
 7/25/2015 Little Red Bird Typical Situation Pig Crush Best of What's Around, The Ants Marching  
 7/26/2015 Beach Ball What Would You Say Seek Up Grey Street Sister Two Step Halloween 
 7/29/2015 Spoon What Would You Say Warehouse You Might Die Trying Space Between, The Ants Marching  
 7/31/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A Corn Bread Crush Grey Street All Along the Watchtower   
 8/1/2015 Long Black Veil Loving Wings Granny You Might Die Trying Rapunzel Halloween  
 8/28/2015 Little Red Bird Corn Bread Minarets You Might Die Trying Space Between, The Rapunzel  
 8/29/2015 Beach Ball Ants Marching Seek Up Grey Street Pig All Along the Watchtower  
 9/1/2015 Beach Ball Tripping Billies Save Me Jimi Thing Best of What's Around, The Ants Marching  
 9/4/2015 Whiter Shade of Pale, A What Would You Say Seek Up Grey Street Sister Minarets  
 9/5/2015 Little Red Bird Ants Marching So Much to Say Jimi Thing Shake Me Like a Monkey   
 9/6/2015 Death on the High Seas Captain Pig Rapunzel Dancing Nancies Two Step  
 9/9/2015 Rye Whiskey Tripping Billies Minarets Grey Street Space Between, The You Might Die Trying  
 9/11/2015 Death on the High Seas Funny the Way It Is Seek Up Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) Song That Jane Likes, The Don't Drink the Water  
 9/12/2015 Death on the High Seas Granny Minarets You Might Die Trying Song That Jane Likes, The Dancing Nancies Warehouse 
 9/13/2015 Death on the High Seas Ants Marching Squirm Jimi Thing Two Step Halloween  
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